Eslog System

An application for monitoring temperature in food transportation.

In today’s dynamic food industry, temperature control during transportation is a crucial element in ensuring the quality and safety of products. Applications for monitoring temperature in food transport, such as Eslog, are becoming essential tools for companies that want to track transport conditions and prevent resource waste. In this article, we will examine how the Eslog application helps companies monitor temperature in food transport and ensure the high quality of their products.

How does the Eslog application work?

The Eslog application is part of the ecosystem of smart data loggers that provide information about the actual conditions of a product’s journey and help prevent any type of resource waste. Sensors can be placed directly on the product, allowing for information about temperature, humidity, shocks, or even air conditions in which the shipment was sent.

Key features of the Eslog application:

  • The Eslog application allows users to monitor temperature in real-time during food transport. This enables quick responses to any deviations from defined parameters and ensures that products are stored in appropriate conditions.
  • The Eslog application stores a history of temperature readings, allowing users to track changes in transport conditions and analyze any incidents.
  • Data retrieved from Eslog devices is presented in the application in the form of current data readings and historical charts, facilitating analysis and monitoring of transport conditions.

How does the Eslog application differ from those previously available on the market?

  • In real-time, it allows companies to ensure that food products are stored in appropriate conditions, resulting in high product quality.
  • With the Eslog application, companies avoid incidents related to improper transport conditions, helping to protect the brand’s reputation and build customer trust.

An application for monitoring temperature in food transport, such as Eslog, is an essential tool for companies operating in the food industry who want to ensure the high quality of their products and avoid resource waste. If you are interested in accessing intelligent logistics solutions, contact us today. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your needs, provide professional advice, and propose personalized solutions that meet your business requirements. Together, we can create a supply chain monitoring strategy that provides you with peace of mind and success!

About Eslog Family

An ecosystem of smart data loggers that gives you information about your product’s journey conditions, and thanks to mobile application and cloud data base, it helps you choose best partners for your business.

ESLOG Family encompasses a range of monitoring solutions tailored to meet diverse industry needs. From temperature and humidity monitoring to shock and vibration detection, each member of the ESLOG Family contributes to enhancing product quality, safety, and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

We know how to make your company – in terms of processes, production, and delivery – most efficient. Write to us, and our R&D Team will tailor a product or service to your needs.


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