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Electronic Design
for business

Drive innovation in IoT, HMI, and Computer Vision with our R&D services



Optimize connectivity, data management, and security for your organization


Redesigning infrastructure for modernization

Enhance user experiences and productivity through intuitive interfaces



Embedded Systems
IoT & Cloud Integration
Human-Machine Interfaces
Computer Vision Algorithms



Artificial Intelligence
IoT & AI Applications
Wearable Technology
Senses & Usability



Hardware & Electronics
R&D Experiments
Architecture & Software
UI/UX & Touchscreens



Hardware & Electronics
R&D Experiments
Architecture & Software
UI/UX & Touchscreens

We believe in .DO Philosophy

Our company is built on the foundation of Japan do (jap. path, way) philosophy populated in many areas of Japanese culture, martial art and craftsmanship, embracing the principles of continuous improvement and a road to excellence-oriented approach in every project we undertake.


  • Embedded Systems & Sensors
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Computer Vision Algorithms
  • Hardware Prototyping
  • Production & Cost Optimization


  • Bare Metal Solutions
  • Linux Based Platforms
  • High-Speed and EMC Designs
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Protocols and Communication
  • Radio


  • Cloud Services
  • Voice Assistants
  • Mobile Apps
  • Retrofitting
  • Connectivity
  • APIs

experience and markets we work with


Revolutionize the medical field with our HMI solutions. Seamlessly integrate technology and human touch for intuitive and efficient medical device interfaces. Empower clinicians and enhance patient care with our cutting-edge MedTech HMI solutions.


Unleash the power of our advanced systems, controllers, and sensors designed specifically for industrial kitchen equipment. Elevate your culinary operations with intuitive control panels, intelligent automation, and precise monitoring capabilities.

KITCHEN monitoring

Experience control and robust monitoring with our advanced controllers and sensors for industrial and critical infrastructure. Enhance efficiency, reliability, and safety while maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime in demanding environments.


Perfect blend of technology and taste with our cutting-edge Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions and dedicated controllers for coffee brewers, espresso machines and roasters to guarantee user experience and quality which You designed for customers.

Meet Our Latest product


An ecosystem of smart data loggers that gives you information about your product’s journey conditions, and thanks to mobile application and cloud data base, it helps you choose best partners for your business.



Efficient solution

Our business model is based on subscription fee


effective system

It based on mobile app and cloud system to show you the data from different sensors


Environmental supportive

It's purpose is to reduce food waste and improve your carrier network

Our purpose is to reduce food waste. We have been cooperating with food industry for years, and we know that the scale of  food loss is gigantic. Food transport is one of the areas that can still be better monitored, and the rising prices of food production have pushed us towards creating an ecosystem that provides information about the conditions provided by the carrier. The ecosystem, connected to a mobile application and a cloud database, gives logistics managers full information about temperature, humidity and, in the near future, shocks along the route.

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