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Monitoring solutions in the Seafood Sector

The seafood sector plays a crucial role in the global food industry, providing high-quality protein to millions of people worldwide. However, the nature of marine products makes them particularly prone to spoilage, leading to significant losses.

It is estimated that approximately 30-40% of all food production is wasted at various stages of the supply chain, and the seafood sector is no exception. To reduce these losses, companies must invest in modern monitoring technologies that ensure optimal storage and transport conditions.

Currently, companies in the seafood sector are undertaking various measures to minimize losses related to product spoilage. Based on our collaborations with such companies, the following actions are common:

  • Storing and transporting seafood in controlled temperature conditions.
  • Conducting regular checks and microbiological tests.
  • Using vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Despite these efforts, the average effectiveness in quality management leaves much to be desired. Too many product batches still get damaged due to improper storage or transport.

To effectively manage quality and minimize losses, companies in the seafood sector should invest in advanced monitoring systems such as ESLOG Air, ESLOG Humidity, and ESLOG Temp. These are our proprietary solutions that have already proven effective in various companies and are key to improving operational strategies. We have identified gaps in current practices and designed our solutions with three main goals:

  • Real-time tracking of storage and transport conditions.
  • Immediate notifications of any deviations from standards.
  • Providing comprehensive reports to facilitate informed decision-making.

We offer proprietary ESLOG monitoring solutions, perfectly tailored to the needs of the seafood sector. These solutions include comprehensive monitoring of air quality, temperature, and humidity. But how do they work?

  • ESLOG Air: Monitors air quality, which is crucial for preventing contamination and maintaining product freshness.
  • ESLOG Humidity: Precisely measures humidity levels to prevent drying out or excessive moisture.
  • ESLOG Temp: Continuously monitors temperature, which is essential for maintaining proper storage and transport conditions.

Small Devices, Big Impact – ESLOG Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Diameter 46 mm.
  • Battery life: Up to 140 days.
  • Temperature range: From -40°C to 125°C.
  • Power supply: CR2032 battery with optional NFC power.

One of our partners faced issues with maintaining proper storage conditions for fish during transport. Frequent deviations in temperature and humidity led to significant product losses, diminishing customer trust and increasing operational costs.

How did we tailor our ESLOG solutions to meet these needs?

  • ESLOG Humidity: Precisely monitored humidity levels, preventing excessive condensation and mold growth.
  • ESLOG Temp: Continuously tracked temperature, ensuring appropriate cooling conditions.
  • ESLOG Air: Monitored and reported air quality in warehouses and during transport.


By implementing ESLOG solutions, the company reduced product losses by up to 25% within the first quarter, thanks to rapid response to alerts. Enhanced control over storage and transport conditions improved the quality of delivered products, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

The seafood sector faces the challenge of managing quality and minimizing product losses. Modern monitoring solutions, such as ESLOG Air, ESLOG Humidity, and ESLOG Temp, offered by our team, can significantly help achieve these goals. We invite you to contact our team of advisors, who will thoroughly assess your needs and tailor our proprietary solutions to your specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company achieve new standards of quality and efficiency in the seafood sector.


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