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How do we work?

During and after hours, we prioritize flexible solutions. We are active in the industry, at universities, engage in community activities, and care about the world around us. We treat IT as an ecosystem where we can unleash our creativity.

Collaboration with Europe

We operate based on standards imposed on us by EU regulations and member countries. We enable local companies to receive tools conducive to expansion, internal process improvement, and combating rapidly growing competition in Central Europe.

Collaboration with Asia

We see and analyze trends on the Asia-World line. We have become the exclusive partner of DWINN Technology – now together, we provide HMI Touch screen display for various industries. The process of implementing our services has been fully adapted to the needs of the largest and fastest-growing continent in the world.

Collaboration with the USA

Time changes and distances don’t scare us. Clients appreciate the opportunity to work with us during convenient hours, on schedules, and our readiness for face-to-face meetings. By providing long-term support for US companies, we have also tailored the process of reporting activities, ensuring that both sides get the best out of the collaboration.

We take care of data security at every stage. Thanks to well-organized service standards, we provide companies with tools for quick and secure operation in the digital world. During our collaboration, we act transparently and are ready to adapt to our clients’ new regulations.

R&D Consulting

Our research and development (R&D) consulting services include support in designing new products, optimizing production processes, and identifying technological trends and innovations.


Our design team specializes in online stores, and mobile applications. With creativity, experience, and advanced tools, we develop aesthetic and functional solutions that translate into success for your online business.


At Embedded, we specialize in electronics prototyping, offering high-quality solutions to bridge the gap between concept and market readiness. With our experienced team, we provide comprehensive services throughout the prototyping process, from initial design to production launch. 


Our modernization services encompass the update and enhancement of existing hardware and electronic systems, experimental research and development, architecture and software modernization, and user interface design. 

Contact for Business

A strong R&D team and global operations enable our solutions to combine high performance, cost optimization, and resource efficiency. Schedule a meeting and let your company reach a new level of development.