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An ecosystem of smart data loggers that gives you information about your product’s journey conditions, and thanks to mobile application and cloud data base, it helps you choose best partners for your business.



Efficient solution

Our business model is based on subscription fee


effective system

It based on mobile app and cloud system to show you the data from different sensors


Environmental supportive

It's purpose is to reduce food waste and improve your carrier network

Our purpose is to reduce food waste. We have been cooperating with food industry for years, and we know that the scale of  food loss is gigantic. Food transport is one of the areas that can still be better monitored, and the rising prices of food production have pushed us towards creating an ecosystem that provides information about the conditions provided by the carrier. The ecosystem, connected to a mobile application and a cloud database, gives logistics managers full information about temperature, humidity and, in the near future, shocks along the route.

eslog family:

eslog temp

Products requiring deep freezing or requiring a specific positive temperature.

eslog humidity

Monitoring food processing in gastronomy and monitoring electronic components used in production

eslog shocks

Transport of items exposed to damage and monitoring of items exposed to shocks and falls

eslog air

Monitoring food degradation and verifying conditions on the production line, including air conditioning systems

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